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About Leo

Leo Digital is a company with a deeply-rooted entrepreneurial culture, creative innovation at its core. Our forte lies in as much as amalgamating innovations and innovators viz; strategists, creatives, storytellers, designers, technologists and producers to conceive and create Ideas Without Limits as in digital marketing. A diverse team, multi-disciplinary processes, and collaborative culture enables to unlock unlimited innovation potential for our clients.

Leo Digital is synonymous with quality, merit based equality and constant learning. Constant evolution, punctuality and zero tolerance for complacency are our driving forces.

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    Bootstrapped out of a dorm room

    Started as a college project, the inception of Leo Digital ( then known as Ubiquantum) began in a college dorm room in Chikmagalur - the birth place of Coffee in India.

    Cofounded by a bunch of web enthusiasts, Leo Digital soon became a synonym for Web & Digitisation services in the region.

    Being the first Digital startup in the region, Leo set a benchmark for upcoming tech startups, motivating aspiring entrepreneurs from the rural communities.

    The company had its first 100 clients between 2010 and 2012.

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    A leap into Digital Marketing

    It was on the eve of Christmas 2011 that Leo setup its base in Bengaluru. At the time, India was just opening up for a smart mobile revolution, creating a new opportunity in Digital Marketing.

    By 2014, Leo had over 200 customers across the globe with a few Fortune 500 companies in its portfolio including - State Bank of India, Aditya Birla Group and Tata Group.

    What started as a web and app development company is now a 360 degree digital marketing company with a strong hold on Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising.

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    Exposure to Brand & Media

    As a key milestone in the journey, Leo partnered with several large creative agencies as a Digital Partner.

    A company which had Technology at it’s heart now got exposed to the nitty-gritty of brand, creatives, production and mainline advertising.

    The core team of Leo worked closely with industry veterans in creating winning strategies for companies who were not only industry leaders but visionaries who defined the market.

    For the next 2 years, Leo delivered bespoke digital solutions to Large Corporations, Luxury Brands, Real-estate Giants, Retail and Government Institutions.

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    Relaunch with a greater vision

    With the changing digital landscape Leo made its biggest realignment in its service offerings and organisation structure in 2017.

    With the growing expectations of our loyal client base and a need for agile and rapid innovation, Leo had to reinvent itself.

    To achieve this, we revived the organisation structure and acquired multiple startups to add on competencies and a talent pool for work that was previously outsourced - like production and creatives; all this to achieve a seamless integration between our offerings and bring consistency and quality to our delivery.

    This realignment helped us carve out a niche in the sector - helping to achieve our future commitments towards a value based business model.

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    Expansion across horizon

    2018 has been a great year for Leo Digital - our service offerings opened up to new dimensions of digital communication including Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality where we took these technologies from being cliché to mainstream with real life utilities.

Our Vision

Your brief is half the story. We want to get to know every minute detail, which is why we always start by understanding not only your business, but the industry.

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